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BoSo Aneroid

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BoSo Clinicus Anerroid Sphygmo

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BoSo Clinicus Anerroid SphygmoRef No. 50.08.113

  • The perfect solution for use in hospitals
  • Scale 48 mm or 60 mm
  • Colour choice (only 60 mm variant): Black, Red, Green, Blue

Every manometer is safe against overpressure and equipped with a noncorrosive mechanism, that absorbs even shocks of dropping the instrument. The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (the national institute for metrology) tested BoSo sphygmomanometers and came to an outstanding result for BoSo's shock protection-technology. No damage, no complaints, no repairs - perfect safety. Primarily for the daily use in hospitals and doctors' offices.

Plug connector to the cuff

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