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Swan Pharmacy Refrigertion

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Swan 135 Pharmacy Refrigerator

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Swan 135 Pharmacy RefrigeratorRef No. AWR- SW135

Ideal for the vast majority of surgeries, the 135 litre fits neatly and unobtrusively under existing work surfaces

The Swan range of Pharmacy Refrigerators provide safe temperature controlled storage for all your vaccines, insulin, other temperature critical pharmaceuticals and laboratory samples

Excellent build quality and reliability, at a very reasonable cost

External digital minimum/maximum thermometer

Adjustable thermostat temperature control

Temperature deviation alarm

Internal air circulation

Frame mounted lock

3 adjustable wire shelves with nylon coating

Automatic defrost

Reversible door

Manufactured in the UK

Excellent sales and service network

Operating range +2°C to +10°C

12 month warranty

Dimensions: 850h x 500 x 600d mm
Capacity : 135 litres

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