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BoSo Ambulatory BP

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TM2430 BoSo 24 Hour Ambulatory BP Machine

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TM2430 BoSo 24 Hour Ambulatory BP MachineRef No. 60.24.000

  • Oscillometric principal for consistent accuracy and performance
  • Easy for the patient to control
  • Fully programmable from PC
  • Automatic sleep function
  • Powered from rechargeable NIMH accumulators (supplied)
  • Supplied in protective carrying case, with: TM2430 PC, BP monitor, adult velcro cuff and 2 covers, hip case, belt strap, shoulder strap, PC transmission pack and cable, Profile manager software, accumulators and charger, full user instructions

Compact 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure machine with PC control

Profile manager software requires Pentium PC or above and Windows 95/98, and allows complete management of the patient readings with Profile, Histogram, Correlation and Statistics as well as patient details. Reports can be printed in whole or in part via laser printer

Very compact dimensions 100 x 80 x 27mm

Robust yet lightweight at only 220gm

Includes 24 month warranty

Full clinical validation

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